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A leading resource and the best podcast for in-depth conversation on how we age, why we change, and how you can get the most out of the aging experience. The show's host, Charity Gachenge, is a trailblazer and the youngest owner of home healthcare agency in Maryland.  If you have been struggling to understand the world of healthcare for yourself, your family or as a healthcare provider, then this is the podcast for you.
Reasons to Plug Into Everthing Luxe :
Secret #1: You should start planning at 25
 Each year's gains can generate their own gains the next year - a powerful wealth-building phenomenon known as compounding!
Secret #2: Life insurances are not equal
A cash value life insurance policy is crucial. This plans get more expensive as you age, but we have access to the best plan on the market!
Secret #3: Need to Know This About Aging
Healthcare is a family affairs, and the further back you can go, the better you can prepare. Get ahead of future and secure the way you'll age 
The Visionary |  Luxury Home Care
I have been in the industry for over ten years. Fortunately and unfortunately, I have experienced both sides of the coin when it comes to giving and receiving care.  In addition to way too many headaches and loop holes in home health care, estate planning, case management and so much more. I started Luxury Home Care so one very specific reason which you can watch by click watch this below. We are revolutionary agency and inciting radical change in the home care industry. I invite you to take a step into our world, no matter the age, and discover a new way of aging. Come and age with us!
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